3D Talent Audit- clone your best people

3 things you need to know about your best people:

  • 1. why they're the best
  • 2. how good they really are
  • 3. how to clone them

Amadeus15's 3D Talent Audit tells you

  • - who are the best
  • - why they're the best
  • - what others need to do to match the best

It also tells you who else

  • - has what it takes to be the best now
  • - will be the talent for the future
  • - is already in the role but needs revitalizing

3D Talent - 3 components

Our research shows that 3 things make the difference between highly competent people and those who are consistently extraordinary:

  • - Complexity management
  • - Multi-dimensional intelligence
  • - Role readiness

Sophisticated, simple to use on-line tests scan for people who have the 3D talent for extraordinary performance