About Amadeus15

What we do

We bring research methodology and systems to leverage the 3D talents of your people.

Our aim to make your business a leader in the new global market

We do it by

  • - analyzing outstanding performance in your business
  • - enabling others to replicate it
  • - ensuring the right people are in your critical roles
  • - accelerating their contribution
  • - integrating systems to manage talent across the business
  • - raising performance across the whole organization

What we have to offer

  • - world-leaders in codifying extraordinary performance
  • - 20 years' experience with the 'Mozarts' of Fortune !00 companies
  • - deep insight into what makes people and organizations extraordinary
  • - online methodology and systems to share this knowledge
  • - a new performance standard for people and organizations - Zone15

Clients who have contributed to our research include:

BP, BT, CocaCola, EMI, IBM, GlaxoSmithKline, MBNA, Motorola, Sony, Unilever

What they say

'Amadeus15 is adept at taking complexity theory and adapting coaching, learning, and assessment methodologies to help organizations build better benchmarks.'

'Amadeus15's approach is likely to be exactly what you need to elevate your leadership roles and the people who operate as leaders.'