3D Talent- the 40% we leave at reception

Amadeus15 has extensively researched high-value talent in Fortune 100 companies

It has found that

  • - talent is 3-dimensional - who people are, not what they do
  • - it is invisible, internal factors that make the difference

In business, talent is the 40% people leave at reception (because it isn't on the radar screen):

  • - their ability to manage complexity
  • - their readiness for the role
  • - their multi-dimensional intelligence:
    • - their intellect - breadth & agility
    • - their emotion
    • - depth & resilience
    • - their wisdom
    • - perspective and insight

Amadeus15 brings all this back into the business. We measure, assess and develop these differentiators - the real talent that most systems avoid - so people want to bring them to their work.
So you can add breadth, depth and insight to your critical roles.