Applications - leapfrog your competitors

Leapfrog your competitors in:


  • - understand the complexity of your Dealmaker roles
  • - retain your Dealmaking talent
  • - know what to look for in Dealmaker investment decisions


  • - find out how the top 5% consistently outperform their colleagues
  • - make their strategies available to others
  • - raise Sales results by 50% across the board


  • - understand the breadth of talent required for successful innovation
  • - develop a culture and mindset of innovation throughout the business
  • - accelerate the innovation cycle


  • - increase the product pipeline through knowledge-share and collaboration
  • - virtual communities of networking and practice across the world


  • - set a new Zone15 benchmark for performance, attitudes and mindsets
  • - make multi-dimensional intelligence a the new way of working
  • - raise organizational capability through raised expectations and role models

What they say

'Amadeus challenges us to think about the $1m employee.
But this needs a whole new way of thinking - about how functions interact, the way decisions are made, and the mental models that drive strategy.
All these are driven by people - by how they think, what they believe is important, and the kind of intelligences they bring to the task.
Amadeus has expertise in these areas - expertise unlike any other. With their approach the $1m employee is a real possibility.'

SVP Organizational Effectiveness