Different roles - different talents

5 things you need to know for each of your critical roles:

  • 1. who to deploy
  • 2. who to recruit
  • 3. who to invest in
  • 4. how to develop them
  • 5. how to accelerate their value in the role

Current measures are not enough

Skills, competencies and experience are not enough to profile your critical roles accurately. Each role is different; each has different types of complexity, and needs a different set of values, attitudes and attributes.
A 3D template for each role allows you to find exactly the right person - someone who will hit the ground running, and expand the role way beyond the job description.

Clarity about each role profile gives you

  • - transparent processes for deployment and promotion
  • - focused and cost-effective recruitment
  • - low attrition rates
  • - accelerated contribution from new incumbents