Find new Talent

3 things you need to know about finding talent:

  • 1. What to look for
  • 2. How to identify the talent you already have
  • 3. How to get a transparent process

Amadeus15 scanning and assessment modules identify

  • - who are the talented people waiting in the wings
  • - which roles their talents are best suited for
  • - who has talent, but is below the management radar screen
  • - who you should be investing in

What they say

"Our managers all had a view about the hi-pos to develop. But we tended to choose people like ourselves, even though we knew that to be successful in the future we needed to start thinking differently."

"The Amadeus15 process gives us a different range of attributes - not just the obvious things - and scans across the whole workforce. We're finding we have amazing talent we would never have found using our established methods."

Chief HR Officer, FMCG