TalentZone - secure your talent pipeline

TalentZone is an end-to-end system that gives you:

  • - in-depth knowledge of your people for internal movement & succession planning
  • - data and insight for better decision-making
  • - transparent and systematic talent management systems
  • - a talent investment strategy for each individual and the organization
  • - organizational flexibility & responsiveness
  • - readiness for 2015

TalentZone is a 5 step process:

  • 1. Define what's needed for critical roles - the hidden factors that make the difference
  • 2. Find the 3D talent for these roles - wherever it is in the organization
  • 3. Track people across geographies, functions, roles
  • 4. Deploy your best people to grow critical roles
  • 5. Develop individual talent to grow your organizational capability

What they say

"Amadeus has built an amazing and sophisticated platform that integrates virtual developmental coaching and talent management capability for large complex organizations."

VP of Coaching, global technology Co.

"The application sorts and assesses talent, creates development and succession plans, and can incorporate your own approaches to talent management."

Global Director, HR & Talent