Zone15 - a new performance standard

Why 15?

  • - Zone15 is a new performance standard
  • - it's a different quality of thinking
  • - it goes way beyond the old 1 to 10 standard scale thinking
  • - it's measured in 3D
  • - Intellect, Emotion and Wisdom
  • - it defines the attitude of star performers
  • - it defines the standard everyone wants to reach
  • - it raises performance across the whole business

Amadeus15 gives you

  • - a definition of what Zone15 is in your organization
  • - tools to measure where you are now
  • - processes to help you get there

What they say

"Before Amadeus, we always aimed for the best - 10/10. But given the challenges and changes in our business, we never got beyond a 6 - and it was showing in our margins and market share."

"When we started thinking in Zone15 we were not distracted by the challenges - we had a radical strategy, a long-term view, and beginning to get the right smart, insightful people in the right roles to drive it all forward."

R&D Director, Pharmaceutical Co